A distinct Island Flavor.

The Story Behind the Sauce

Having always been a huge fan of hot sauce, during my tenure of performing on cruise ships and touring the islands of the Bahamas and Caribbean, I found myself spending a great deal of time sampling the local sauces of each respective island. I’d collect hot sauces from the straw markets, roadside stands, local restaurants, anywhere that offered the local fiery flavors of the island, then try them out during my meals when eating on the ship.

After retiring from the cruise ship business I thought how cool it would be to come up with my own sauce that pretty much captured the tastes of all these wonderful sauces together in one unique sauce. So I then set out to come up with a recipe. As I recall the one thing these sauces had in common was that they were HOT, much hotter than your average table sauce here in the states, and the reason was pretty simple. Regarding the pepper of choice, it’s all about local variety, makes sense right? When you come up with your own recipe you pretty much use what you can get your hands on. Most of these smaller islands don’t have foods imported in so they’re limited to what they grow right there. There was one common pepper variety that seemed to show up in many of the sauces, and this particularly caught my attention. After many hours of testing we made the decision to feature the Scotch Bonnet as our premier pepper of choice. Native to the Caribbean islands, the scotch bonnet is cousin to the habanero and is about fifty times hotter than a jalapeno.

It was then a matter of coming up with that perfect recipe. While touring the islands I recall some of my favorite sauces were mustard based. Although not terribly popular here in the states, I found myself preferring a sauce style that combined hot peppers using a mustard base, and then adding local spices. They were always pretty simple and seemed to rise above the red or tomato based sauces, at least for my personal preference. After about a year of toying around with different recipes, we finally decided on one we thought brought all the sauces together in one, then we named it after one of the songs off our Let’s Go Fishin’ album, Island Mojo.