Hot Sauce never tasted so good!


For years I’ve worked on cruise ships as a professional musician and traveled the islands of the Bahamas and Caribbean from Bimini to Barbados. Hot sauces…I’ve tried ‘em all. What’s consistent about most of the hot sauces in the tropics, known as West Indian style, are two things. First, mustard based is the way to go. Second, it’s gotta be HOT!

I’ve come up with the perfect recipe that brings flavors from all these wonderful islands together into one traditional island style sauce that’s perfect on seafood, poultry, and great on anything from burgers to scrambled eggs!

It’s all about the pepper! Island Mojo is made from fresh ripe scotch bonnet peppers grown in the islands of the lower Caribbean, which gives it the distinct flavor. Island Mojo IS the taste of the islands!